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Landscape Gardens - Construction

Beautifully constructed by professional landscape gardeners.

Each landscaping project will have many different elements to complete the full concept or design. We are able to break this down into 2 main sections, hard and soft. Visit our Gallery for many more examples of our work.


Hard Landscaping

Within a scheme there will be a construction side to the work which would cover drainage, paving, walling, fencing, and all other structures such as a pergola. This work is commonly referred to as hard landscaping and is normally built or erected before the commencement of soft landscape works.


Soft Landscaping

Nearly all projects will involve soft works, usually in the form of a lawn and plants. Also included is the importation of soil and preparation work of planting areas. For instance a raised bed covers both hard and soft, the hard works being the construction of the walling for the bed and then the soft works being the top soil, compost and planting of that bed.

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